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Driv'Junior has won the gold medal in the Lépine competition - Caen 1998 

DRIV'JUNIOR is a special coupling system created to link
an adult bike and a child bike in tandem. 

     With DRIV'JUNIOR you can safely bring your children aged 4-8 for a ride. 
   You will not fear dangerous steps aside and long rides. 

Setting in and taking off very fast : 

     You induct the main fixations on the two bikes (You don't need to remove them for individual use of the bike ). 
     Next: three fast lockings and then you can ride. 

Don't buy an extra bike : 

     Use your adult bike and the 14-20 inches bike of your child. 

DRIV'JUNIOR is a patented system. 
Invented and developped in Espalion in the south of  France. 

PRICE :  (Contact us) 

vtt en tandem avec vélo enfant 14 pouce
vtc en tandem avec  velo enfant 20 pouce

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